Nasir Sobhani

Nasir Sobhani is not your average barber. The 26-year-old man was born and raised in Japan, attended college in Canada, volunteered in Vanuatu, and now works in Australia perfecting his craft. But just a few years ago, he was battling a drug addiction. "I remember the days of when I would just hate myself and not even look in the mirror without crying, because I would just be so disgusted with who I was," said Sobhani. After successfully finishing a rehab program, his family suggested he follow his hobby and his passion — cutting hair. "It's my new drug," he explained.
That's why, despite a six-day workweek, he brings his barber skills to the streets to give back to the local homeless community. "They need actual human contact, to engage in some form of intimacy with a human being who actually cares for them." People living on the street wait patiently to get haircuts from Sobhani, and many feel he's given them a new lease on life.
Develop step-by-step
Canon 6D + Sigma 20mm f1.4 Art

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